Drive-Thru Flu Shots Popular This Year Amid Pandemic

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Flu season is upon us, and this time it’s unlike any other flu season most of us have seen in our lifetime. Naturally, the thought of being infected with both COVID-19 and influenza has people concerned.  

North Texas health professionals have addressed those concerns by offering the seasonal flu shots in a way that maintains recommended social distancing practices.

Pediatrics of Dallas opened drive-thru clinics throughout the city for parents wanting their children vaccinated.

Just this past weekend, Kroger partnered with Dallas County to offer a one-day drive-thru opportunity at the American Airlines Center. A spokesperson for Kroger said they will soon host a similar event in Fort Worth.

Dr. Philip Huang with Dallas County’s Health and Human Services said most methods used to prevent COVID-19 can also be applied to the flu, so it makes sense to modify how shots are administered

“With your flu shot, you want to do it in as safe a manner as you can. So, these drive-thru clinics are a way to prevent having to stand in line or be in a crowded waiting room with other people while you’re waiting to get that flu shot,” said Dr. Huang. “So, we’re excited about that being a way this season to get the flu shots.”

Huang also said the County will offer walk-in flu shots by appointment this year. Another way to control the flow of patients and prevent congregating or lining up in waiting rooms for long periods of time.

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