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"Super Pollen" Is Super Bad for Allergies



    Doctors say the cold winter, recent wildfires in West Texas and more carbon dioxide in the air are putting stress on North Texas trees and grasses, resulting in "super pollen."

    Dr. Gary Gross of Texas Health Dallas said plants put out more pollen when they are stressed. And most of the time, that pollen is more potent, he said.

    "The pollen particles that they make, actually, are probably more allergenic," he said. "They cause more allergic disease."

    The pollen count is causing itchy eyes and sneezes across the country, but Gross said there's not much folks can do about super pollen.

    Attack of the "Super Pollen"

    [DFW] Attack of the "Super Pollen"
    Doctors say trees and grasses are releasing "super pollen" in response to recent cold weather and West Texas wildfires.
    (Published Friday, May 20, 2011)

    "I think the super solution is really to try and reduce your exposure to these pollens," he said. "And if you're going to be outside and you're going to be jogging or biking or doing something where you're inhaling a lot of pollens, then you can try and wash them out of your nose just like you would take a shower [and] wash your hair after you get done mowing the grass."