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McDonald's Puts Calorie Count Front and Center

Calories, prices to be same size on menu



    Starting Sunday McDonald's menus will display calorie information front and center on its menu boards. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012)

    McDonald's menus soon will display calorie information and prices in the same size.

    The menu changes launch in all McDonald's restaurants in the country on Sunday.

    "All McDonald's is trying to do is say we're not perfect," said Jeff Smith, who owns and operates several McDonald's restaurants in and around Dallas. "Obviously, we are a quick-service restaurant, but what we are trying to do is meet the customers&' needs and the importance of this is that we just want to provide healthy alternatives for those who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle."

    Nationwide, 15 percent of people regularly count calories to maintain their weight, the company said. The company is adding calorie information to all its menus inside and at the drive-thru.

    "McDonald's has been around a long time and, for many, many years, we've been known for Big Macs, Quarter Cheese and Filet-O-Fish, but now when you look at our healthy choices, it shows me and should show the consumer that we are trying to change," Smith said.

    McDonald's said it also has two licensed and registered dietitians on staff who help guide the company's healthier image.