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Fort Worth Anxiously Awaits Mosquito Trap Tests

Test results expected Wednesday



    Fort Worth leaders anxiously awaiting lab results from mosquito traps tested in the northern parts of the city. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012)

    In Fort Worth Wednesday, leaders are anxiously awaiting lab results from mosquito traps tested in the northern parts of the city.

    Workers took samples in the 76244 and 76137 zip codes and are expecting to see a growing number of mosquitos in those areas carrying the West Nile Virus. 

    Positive results could lead to ground spraying.

    The city is waiting to see the lab results, which are expected Wednesday afternoon, before making a decision if and exactly where to do any spraying in north Fort Worth.  That plan, concerns some neighbors who want to spend time outdoors but worry in the meantime infected mosquitos are multiplying.

    “I think they should ground spray,” said neighbor Rich Snyder.

    Snyder said he wants to make sure a stroll around his neighborhood pond is not deadly.  He feels there’s no reason the city should wait to start wiping out West Nile now. 

    “By the time the results are back, it’s probably too late.  It’s a serious disease, and it’s going to kill some people,” said Snyder.

    Four people have already died in Tarrant County this year.

    Fort Worth Code Enforcement workers collected samples from mosquito traps on Tuesday. The Tarrant County Health Department tests the mosquitos for the West Nile virus.

    City of Fort Worth Spokesperson Bill Begley says code enforcement leaders are coming up with several spraying scenarios and routes, depending on what the lab results show.  Begley says the city will notify neighbors before spraying the pesticide, which could begin as early as this weekend.

    Patty Harper fears infected adult mosquitos are busy breeding in the stagnant pond in her neighborhood.

    “That’s what I’m afraid of, the big ones. I think they’re the trouble makers,” said Harper.

    Code Enforcement said education is the key to prevention.  Workers are handing out West Nile virus information starting at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Summerglen Library.

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