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Denton County Cities Deciding on Aerial Spraying

County has 118 cases of West Nile virus



    Flower Mound unanimously voted on Thursday for aerial spraying for mosquitoes to battle West Nile virus. (Published Friday, Aug. 24, 2012)

    Cities in Denton County must decide by Tuesday if they want aerial spraying for mosquitoes.

    The county judge declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, which allows the county to request state and federal resources.

    Denton County currently has the highest incidence rate of West Nile virus in the state. The county has 118 human cases of West Nile virus, more cases per capita than any other county.

    Cities are holding emergency city council meetings to decide if they want to be included in the spraying.

    Denton County to Decide on Aerial Spraying

    [DFW] Denton County to Decide on Aerial Spraying
    Denton County leaders have less than a week to decide if they want to be included in aerial spraying for West Nile virus infected mosquitoes.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012)

    Flower Mound unanimously voted on Thursday for aerial spraying, while Little Elm, which also met Thursday night, decided against it.

    Denton will meet on Monday to discuss aerial spraying.

    Residents packed Town Hall in Flower Mound. Some voiced opposition to aerial spraying, but more people were in support of the move.

    Jon Hunter, who told the council he did not support aerial spraying, said he was worried about his animals and livestock.

    "I'm just concerned about them eating because they eat the roughage," he said. "They eat the leaves. And I believe it's overblown because the temperatures are going to be lower now."

    Mary Jane Palasciano, who contracted West Nile virus in September 2009, also attended the meeting.

    "Middle of the day, my knees started buckling. Around four in the afternoon, I was totally paralyzed -- no fever, no nausea, no thing," said Palasciano, who now uses crutches to get around.

    Palasciano said she never had any underlying medical issues.

    "Last time I was sick was measles, mumps, was in second grade," she said. "Never had the flu. Never had a cold. Never ever took a sick day."

    She was paralyzed but now walks with leg braces and crutches.

    Palasciano said she supports aerial spraying so other don't suffer the way she did.

    "Every person is important," she said. "And just one person going through what I'm going through is not right. ... I can't see how mosquitoes are more important or the bees or whatever."

    Denton County leaders say aerial spraying could begin as soon as Aug. 30. The planes would be based out of Denton Municipal Airport.

    Until now, the county had been using larvicide in ponds and standing water but feels those efforts  have not done an adequate job in curtailing the spread of West Nile virus.

    NBC 5's Frank Heinz contributed to this report.

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