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‘We Need More:' County Judge Says Rockwall Has Storage for Up to 20,000 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

More than 17,000 people remain on Rockwall County's waitlist

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While Rockwall County successfully vaccinated nearly 1,000 people last week at its public library, this week the state only provided 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

"On a national level, on a state level and on a local level – we need more," Rockwall County Judge David Sweet said.

Sweet said the county was ready to ramp up mass vaccinations and recently purchased a freezer to store up to 20,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine but must wait on the state to increase supply.

Operations for this week's vaccine clinic on Wednesday will be moved to Lakeshore Church on State Highway 205 in Rockwall to allow for enough space so people can wait inside, Sweet said.

Rockwall is only vaccinating first responders, those 65 & older or those with at least one chronic health condition right now.

Appointments will be made in the order people signed up on the Rockwall County waitlist, Sweet said. Currently, there are 17,000 people on a list organized by Helping Hands Rockwall.

Sweet said any future clinics would pull names from that list and urged residents to register for vaccines wherever they can get them.

"Don’t just hit my registration, you've got to keep registering as many, many places as you possibly can," said Sweet. "Register everywhere."

The Rockwall County Office of Emergency Management is looking for volunteers to help with the vaccination rollout over the coming weeks and posted this survey for those interested.

Rev. Christina Hildebrand with First United Methodist Church of Rockwall launched "Operation: Vaccination" to help people register for the waitlist. She also said volunteers would drive people to neighboring counties if they receive a vaccine elsewhere. Anyone needing assistance signing up for the Rockwall list can contact Hildebrand or the church, she said.

"It has been a blessing to see such a multi-generational effort because we have so many seniors that are disconnected and at a loss for just where to go," Hildebrand said.

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