COVID-19 Deaths at McKinney Assisted Living Center Climbs to 9 With Two More Deaths Announced Friday

56% of Collin County COVID-19 deaths involve residents at Oxford Grand Assisted Living Center

oxford grand assisted living center
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Two women living in a McKinney assisted living center currently dealing with one of the largest clusters of COVID-19 deaths statewide have died hours apart, according to officials with Collin County Health Care Services.

The first woman, an 85-year-old, died Thursday evening. The second woman, a 95-year-old, died early Friday morning. The women were confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 and both had underlying health conditions.

"Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with these ladies’ families and friends," said Collin County Judge Chris Hill. "All of us at Collin County are saddened at the report of these COVID-19 deaths within our community."

Both women were residents of the same privately-owned center, Oxford Grand Assisted Living and Memory Care, where seven other residents infected with COVID-19 have died.

All of the previous deaths at the home involved residents who were positive for the virus, had underlying health conditions and ranged in ages from 80 to 95 years old.

  • April 5 - 93-year-old woman
  • April 8 - 80-year-old woman
  • April 10 - 90-year-old man
  • April 11 - 84-year-old man
  • April 13 - 82-year-old woman
  • April 18 - 82-year-old woman
  • April 21 - 86-year-old woman
  • April 23 - 85-year-old woman
  • April 24 - 95-year-old woman

The assisted living center is home for up to 95 residents who require varying degrees of medical assistance. NBC 5 previously reported there were 13 people in the memory care unit who had tested positive for the 2019 novel coronavirus.

The deaths, which are the 15th and 16th deaths related to COVID-19 recorded in Collin County, also represent nine of the 10 people who have died in McKinney.

On Friday afternoon, CCHCS announced another 30 new COVID-19 cases, bringing their total number of confirmed cases to 639. Collin County health also confirmed 446 recoveries with 24 hospitalizations.

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NBC 5's Claire Cardona and Meredith Yeomans contributed to this report.

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