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Texas COVID-19 Hospitalizations Continue to Rise After June Low, Health Department Data Shows

Hospitalizations also continue to rise in Dallas-Fort Worth, although the number is still far below the January high

COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to rise in Texas and in North Texas after they hit a low in June.

Data from the Texas Department of State Health Services released on Friday shows that as of July 9, there were 1,888 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals.

Friday's number is far below the high of 14,000 hospitalized hit in January but follows an upward trend in July after hospitalizations hit a low in June.

On June 27, the state reported 1,428 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals, the lowest number reached since April 2020.

Since then, hospitalizations have trended upward, hitting over 1,500 on July 1, over 1,600 on July 4 and over 1,700 July 6 before today's figure of 1,888.

In the Dallas Fort-Worth area, named TSA E by the DSHS, hospitalizations rose from 404 last Friday to 498 this Friday. The lowest recent number in the TSA E region was 289 hospitalizations on June 4.

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