North Texas Food Bank Finds Solution to Feed Hungry, Employ Service Workers

NBC 5 News

The North Texas Food Bank is partnering with Shiftsmart to create opportunities for displaced workers amid the coronavirus epidemic.

The partnership will employ workers from the hospitality industry who have suffered from lost income as a result of the coronavirus impact on the economy, the North Texas Food Bank said in a statement. The virus has devastated North Texans, especially for those who are hourly workers or in the service industry.

Those workers with Shiftsmart will be deployed in place of traditional volunteers to help the Food Bank meet the need for food assistance in North Texas. The partnership will help serve more than 1 million meals per week to North Texans.

"In our lifetime, we have never seen a crisis that has stunted an economy so quickly," said Patrick Brandt, President of Shiftsmart. "We know that by closing restaurants and entertainment venues, there will be an immediate impact on people's ability to care for their family. This will mean an increased need for the Food Bank and other non-profits. Our team wanted to create a way to support these workers while also supporting the critical mission of non-profits."

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