Mother, Father and Adult Daughter All Recover From COVID-19 at Same Time

Chris and Wink Turner share a lot of life experiences with daughter Myra Koontz. Now they can add COVID-19 survival to the list.

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Stories of people recovering from coronavirus have been meaningful sources of hope, and that's why a Collin County family is sharing their story.

Chris Turner, 65, received a standing ovation when she was wheeled out of Baylor Scott & White Hospital McKinney after a 28-day hospital stay.

But she didn't fight the coronavirus infection alone -- both her husband and her 42-year-old daughter got COVID-19 as well.

Chris Turner said she was diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 24, but wasn't sure how she got infected.

Her husband, Wink, was next to get sick. Her daughter, Myra, was third, even though she said she wasn't around her parents since before their illness.

Wink was hospitalized for eight days, while Myra battled the illness at home. Chris' illness was the worst out of the three family members.

Her lungs became so overwhelmed, doctors told her they had to put her on a ventilator.

"I wasn't going to make it and I told Wink I had to try," Chris said.

From his own hospital room three doors down, Wink said he prayed for his wife's recovery.

"From that point on, I mostly turned it over to God and kept in touch with people who were praying," Wink said.

"Mostly, it took time and it required waiting on her body, waiting on God, waiting on doctors and figuring out what's next," Myra said.

After 20 days on a ventilator, and well after Wink had been discharged and Myra fully recovered, Chris' body started to respond and fight back.

Soon after, doctors and nurses were able to send her off with cheers.

"Every one of those people putting their lives on the line everyday just to treat COVID patients," Chris said.

She is now in physical rehab as her body is too weak from its COVID-19 fight for her to walk on her own.

However, she said her family is blessed and ready to be reunited.

The family said Chris received several treatments, including those allowed under FDA emergency authorization use, but can't say which, if any, helped.

She will continue to stay in a physical rehabilitation facility until she's well enough to go home, which could be in mid-May.

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