Dallas County

Masking Orders Change in Dallas County, Dallas ISD

Following new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released last week, Dallas County and the Dallas ISD are revising their masking policies.

Effective Monday, the Dallas ISD is no longer requiring masks be worn on campus and will shift to a policy of recommending they be worn.

The district said in a statement that they have "remained consistent with a mask protocol to help protect students, staff, and families from the COVID-19 virus and its variants" and that "Over the last month, the numbers have been encouraging as positive cases continue to decrease districtwide."

In Dallas County, Judge Clay Jenkins revised his order Friday regarding masking in county buildings.

Jenkins said the public health committee met an hour after the CDC announced their latest recommendations "to look at hospital numbers here, medical modeling from UT Southwestern, and other information critical to advising."

The judge said based on the recommendations and local data, he revised "the Dallas County mask order to drop the requirement of wearing a mask in any settings other than jails, long-term care facilities, and healthcare settings."

"During the time of high spread in delta and omicron, the people and businesses of Dallas County stepped up to protect one another," Jenkins said in a statement. "Although masks are no longer required, they are strongly recommended for immunocompromised individuals in indoor settings outside of their home, or those who are visiting with immunocompromised or medically frail individuals, including the elderly."

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