Grapevine Family Has ‘Baby's First Pandemic' Photoshoot

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Having a baby is an incredible experience. Caring for a baby during a pandemic changes that experience in so many ways.

For Justin Nelson and his family, their 8-month-old miracle baby is the reason they are celebrating during this pandemic.

“Violet James Nelson was born two months premature and spent 29 days in the NICU at Baylor All Saints Fort Worth,” Justin Nelson said about his daughter Violent James Nelson. “The medical community in the area is exemplary. [Many of them] cared for our baby at every possible level.”

He said he got the idea for the “baby’s first pandemic” pictures because he wanted to make something positive out of something so scary.

“Amidst all of the feat and panic that have plagued our society during this trying time, we hoped this image would bring a sense of something positive, something uplifting and something memorable,” Nelson said.

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