Frisco ISD Holds Emergency Meeting to Finalize Resolution of School Closures

The district outlined how the first week of school closures and virtual learning will work. Teachers won't have to report to school, and they will still be paid.

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Frisco ISD is one of the North Texas school districts that has canceled classes amid concerns over coronavirus.

Sunday school officials met for an emergency meeting. 

Monday marks the start of the first full week that Frisco students and staff won’t be in school, and instead, will switch to virtual instruction.

Morgan Davis said she is facing a week of uncertainty with three kids at home, ages 2, 4 and 7.

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Frisco ISD parents, like her, will now help with at-home learning, after in-person classes were suspended to try to keep students and staff safe.

“I’d rather my kids be safe, but I don’t love the idea of that. Obviously it’s breaking up our routine,” Davis said.

School officials finalized a resolution for the closure of schools and outlined the details of how it would work.

“Each of the teachers is going to share the details of class work with students. They’ll be able to log in through various sources to pull their homework and have access to what they should be working on at home,” Frisco ISD School Board President Chad Rudy said.

Rudy said teachers would still get paid, even if they’re not in school.

“The teachers do not have to show up Monday. As we’ve said, that evolved, from five days ago, to putting in this full plan. They are not required,” Rudy said.

William Mun is a Frisco ISD Senior.

He said he was looking forward to some flexibility.

“I kind of like it because we get to work at our own pace, and not everything’s due in one day,” he said.

Davis said she has some job flexibility, but for other parents it will be more of a challenge.

“I can imagine if you’re a parent or a family where both parents work, that would be tough. I don’t know what you’d do,” Davis said.

The district said it would continue to evaluate when classes will officially resume, and if there was a chance it may need to extend the closures beyond this first week.

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