Dallas County Jail

Dallas County Jail Allows In-Person Visitation After More Than a Year of Online Visitation

Online visitation will still be allowed as well

Dallas County Jail
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The Dallas County Jail will return to in-person visitation after more than a year of virtual visitation starting Monday.

Due to COVID-19, the Dallas County Sheriff's Office suspended in-person visitation to keep everyone inside the jail safe.

In place of in-person visitation was a video-visitation program that required inmate accounts to speak to family and friends.

Monday will mark the first day of limited in-person visitation with COVID-19 safety protocols in place using strict rules and guidelines, however, virtual visitation will still be allowed.

A few of the guidelines in place outline that one adult visitor is allowed per week for inmates not exposed to COVID-19 recently for 15 minutes.

Face masks and social distancing will be required by guests and inmates, guests will also be screened for items and a temperature over 100 degrees.

Inmates get a specific day that their visitors are allowed based on their last names, and visitors are not permitted to have any arrest warrants or prohibited items.

Dallas County Health Authority Director Dr. Philip Huang and the Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) created the plan in place to allow in-person visitation safely.

To view all of the Dallas County Jail visitation guidelines, click here.

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