Cook Children's Reports Rise in COVID-19 Positivity Rate Among Patients

Doctors encouraged parents to keep their children home from school, even if it's for a runny nose.

NBC 5 News

COVID-19 cases are on the rise this summer, and health officials say that as the delta variant spreads, they're seeing more children test positive for the virus.

Cook Children's Medical Center said it had 16 young patients in the hospital with COVID-19 Monday.

The hospital said its seven-day positivity rate spiked to 10.3% on Monday from 1% on June 2.

Children's Medical shares the number of COVID-19 cases seen in young children over the summer saying it's "moving in the wrong direction."

"Children come in with a headache and stomach ache, needing to see multiple specialists, from cardiologists to infectious disease doctors," Cook Children's Medical Director of Infection Control and Prevention Dr. Marc Mazade said. "We've had over 130 kids come in with this very severe illness this year, so I am fully expecting another surge of cases with this very similar problem."

Mazade also encouraged schools to send bi-weekly emails reminding parents of their COVID-19 policies and to keep their children home, even if it's for a runny nose.

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