Arlington Martin Suspends Summer Workouts After Student Tests Positive for COVID-19

The program began on June 8 and hopes to resume again

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Arlington Martin head football coach Bob Wager knew a summer strength and conditioning camp in the midst of a pandemic would be a challenge.

“If you get enthusiastic and you give each other a hug, or a handshake, or a big glob of people, we’re going to get camp shut down,” Wager reminded his players during the first day of strength and conditioning camp.

It’s impossible to say when the student-athlete who tested positive for the coronavirus was infected or if it even happened during camp.

Also, the sport they participate in isn’t identified by Arlington Martin officials.

But Wager tells NBC the school is taking the matter seriously.

“We prepared camp with every attention to detail, including our reaction to a positive test,” said Wager. “We’ll continue to follow those protocols.”

Protocols include contact tracing and a thorough cleaning and sanitation of facilities.

But nearly 600 kids on campus in the age of COVID-19 will always present a challenge no matter how many safety measures there are for this important job.

“We were entrusted to bring in our community’s greatest resource which is our kids and make sure that we have a highly organized camp,” said Wager.

After this recent setback, Wager is hoping the Warriors get an opportunity to resume their highly organized camp in the near future.

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