‘Favor A Neighbor' Delivers Hot Meals to Hospitals, Shelters, Police and Fire Stations

It's called 'Favor a Neighbor' and community support has been pouring in

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Norma’s Cafe in Oak Cliff has rolled out a new delivery option called, "Favor a Neighbor." It’s a way to share a meal and a connection with someone during the coronavirus crisis.

At Norma’s Cafe, customers are like family.

The diner is especially popular with Dallas police, and many employees know officers by name.

So when the coronavirus pandemic stopped customers from dining in, the restaurant introduced a new way people can share a hot meal with a neighbor.

It’s as simple as paying for a meal, which the restaurant will then cook and deliver to a person, an organization, a fire station, hospital, or shelter.

Pam Spell is the general manager of Norma’s Cafe.

The community support brings tears to her eyes.

“It’s awesome - the love in the air. It means a lot to us that we can help our neighbors, and I feel grateful. My employees have been with me for years. It’s just awesome,” Spell said.

She told NBC 5 someone anonymously donated $2,000 to feed first responders.

“We got them in gift cards. What we do, is whenever the firefighters call, when they come in, we hand them those gift cards. And they go, what’s this for? And I go, 'because you’re a firefighter, or because you’re a police officer,'” Spell said.

Norma’s Cafe has 5 locations and each one is offering the ‘Favor a Neighbor’ delivery option.

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