Wingstop an Anomaly in Current Restaurant Trend

Wingstop restaurants are one of a few anomalies in the restaurant world today -- opening stores when many are closing them down.

The chain currently has more than 400 stores in 28 states just 11 years after opening their first location in Richardson and said thousands of stores across the country are not out of the realm of possibility.

With customers spending less at sit-down restaurants, Wingstop CEO Jim Flynn said many are turning to take-out as a way to feed their families restaurant food without spending as much.

"The trade down from larger ticket restaurants clearly has fallen to us," said Flynn. "You take it home, get your drinks out of the refrigerator and feed your family for a relatively low price."

Wingstop is a privately-owned company, and many of the stores are run by francise operators like Todd Metten who said the company has recently enjoyed phenomal success in expansion on the west coast.

The company recently celebrated a record this month -- selling 4 million wings on Super Bowl Sunday.

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