Self-Checkout for Your Restaurant Bill

The "pay at the pump" concept is making its way to restaurant tables across the Metroplex.

A group of Dallas-based inventors have designed, the Ziosk, a portable device that allows diners to just pay and go.

Shawn Gentry, of Table Top Media, said company plans to bring the self-checkout kiosks to restaurants across the country.

"We are focused in on the casual-dining market, which is Chili's, Friday's, Applebee's," he said.

In addition to paying the bill, diners can also play games, check the weather and get movie times, all without leaving the table.

Cozymel's Mexican Grill in Grapevine got Ziosks about a year and a half ago. And Chili's restaurants in Plano and Allen are also biting off the new technology.

Diners at Cozymel's say they like not having to wait on the check.

"I hate it when I am done eating ready to go home and can't get somebody to bring us the ticket," Marianne Watkins said.

Even servers are enthusiastic.

"Immediately when the machines hit the tables, I saw an increase in my tip percentage," Matthew Lyle said.

The devices' software even includes built-in tip suggestions.

But piece of mind may be the best feature for some customers.

"I've had customers want to go to the back room with me and slide their cards, so this machine completely takes the doubt out of their minds, because they have no risk," Lyle said.

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