Businesses Use eBay to Boost Bottom Line

A growing number of businesses are using eBay to turn idle assets into cash.

"We've seen a tremendous increase in the number of businesses that are seeking us out," said David Goldstein, of Easysale, a chain of eBay stores headquartered in North Texas.

One of Easysale's clients is Softlayer, an Internet hosting company. Softlayer uses Easysale to sell computer equipment it no longer needs because of system upgrades.

"It seems to get us the broadest range of customers and access to people," George Karidis said.

Revenue from eBay sales is then reinvested in the company.

But there's another reason stores such as Easysale are seeing more business from commercial clients -- the struggling economy. 

Goldstein has everything from chandeliers to cosmetics for sale.

"It may be less than what they paid for it, but they can then turn around and take that money and invest it in new inventory that they can sell profitably, and that's good for business," he said.

Sometimes eBay is the final stop for business owners who've decided to close. Goldstein has shelves of shoes from a now-closed store.

"We're seeing a lot more brand-new inventory," he said.

But the boom is bittersweet.

"We're doing really well, but you hate to profit from other people's misfortune," Goldstein said. 

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