AA: No Comment on Celebrity Passengers

Tabloid reports out of Los Angeles suggest American Airlines has been flying, and in one case even fighting with, the Hollywood stars this week.  But at the airline's ever discreet headquarters in Fort Worth, there's officially no comment.

A TMZ.com report said actor Jim Belushi had an in-flight altercation with an American Airlines flight crew on a short flight to Las Vegas on Sunday night.   It reportedly started when a flight attendant tried to wake Belushi from a nap and ended with the captain calling for police to meet the plane at the gate in Las Vegas. 

Police determined no crime was committed, and Belushi was not arrested, according to TMZ.

Asked to comment on the incident, American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said the airlines passenger privacy policy prohibited him from talking. 

"We wouldn't even acknowledge whether he was a passenger on the plane," Smith said.

Same goes for Sandra Bullock, spotted by tabloids taking an AA flight from Austin to Los Angeles this week, trying to stay out of the spotlight as she deals with rumors of husband Jesse James' reported dalliance with a tattoo model. 

"We do fly Austin to L.A.," Smith said.  But mum's the word on whether Bullock has been on board. 

Now that's discretion.

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