AA Mechanics Ask for Federal Mediation

Claiming they've been ''stone-walled" in negotiations with management, American Airlines mechanics and ground workers today asked a federal mediator to step in to help reach a new contract agreement. 

The announcement from the Transport Workers Union, means all of the major unions at American Airlines are now either in federal mediation or are asking for it.  Flight attendants recently requested and received assistance from a mediator, and the union that represents the airline's pilots has been working with a federal mediator since last year.

In a statement, Bob Zimmerman, the president of TWU local 565 at DFW airport, accused the company of failing to reward workers for sacrifices made during tough times. 

"It seems that ‘shared sacrifice’ is not equal sacrifice. It is long past the time for management to step up and bargain fairly," Zimmerman said.

Airline spokeswoman Tammi McLallen said the company agrees that mediation would be helpful. 

"We're stuck on a few issues," she said, adding that the company is hopeful that a mediator will help the two sides reach an agreement. 

McLallen also said the company is committed to reaching agreements "that will address the needs of both parties and position the company for long term success."

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