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Insurance Can Help Avert Wedding Disasters



    Insurance Can Help Avert Wedding Disasters
    Andreanna Seymore
    Unfortunately, insurance policies don't cover this guy ...

    Things such invitations, photos and, of course, the perfect cake and dress are wedding essentials.

    But there's always a chance one of your wedding vendors might go out of business before your big day, a worst-case scenario for every bride and groom.

    "I get nervous," said Kristin Vinson, who is getting married soon. "I wonder if the photographer is going to be there on time; I wonder about people going out of business."

    "I would hate to lose that type of money, because this is a way for us to say thank you and for those friends and family who have helped us out with this wedding," she said.

    Insurance Can Help Avert Wedding Disasters

    [DFW] Insurance Can Help Avert Wedding Disasters
    Wedding insurance can help brides and grooms get their money back if a vendor goes out of business.
    (Published Monday, May 25, 2009)

    But it happens more often than it should, event planner Tara Wilson said.

    "I had one bride who hired a photographer who went out of business, and then lost her photographer and had to find a photographer in a short amount of time," she said.

    Wilson suggests wedding insurance to guard against such incidents.

    "For a bride who is planning to do it herself -- maybe she just comes to me for guidance and consultation -- I would definitely recommend that she consider wedding insurance," she said.

    Couples usually put down deposits -- often as much as 50 percent -- for wedding venues or for services such as invitations, cakes or flowers. If a business goes bust, or if there are other unexpected problems, that money can be lost.

    The Better Business Bureau said insurance can help you get you money back if there's a wedding disaster.

    "It will protect you from things like businesses closing unexpectedly and weather problems and some other unexpected things," said Jeannette Kopko, of the BBB's Dallas office. "Some may also cover the deposits and other advance payments you make."