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Plano Plans for Transit-Oriented Redevelopment

Plano plans redevelopment for more urban areas



    The Dallas Area Rapid Transit Parker Road Station in Plano is the end of its line, but its location could soon be the beginning of redevelopment.

    "Public transit is where the city sees its future lie," said Phyllis Jarrell, Plano's director of planning.

    According to DART numbers, the Parker station serves about 3,000 daily riders.

    Yet some riders question if it's living up to its potential.

    Plano Plans for Development Around Parker Station

    [DFW] Plano Plans for Development Around Parker Station
    Plano is looking for bids to redevelop land near public transit near the Parker Road Station.
    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011)

    "It could be used more," said Pharoah Matthews, a daily DART user.

    Years ago, Plano identified the area as a potential site for urban development.

    Then the city acquired land in 2002 near the DART station at K Avenue and Park Boulevard, always with the goal of getting it back under private ownership.

    Plano's objective is transit-oriented development, with a mix of apartments and businesses, within walking distance of public transportation.

    "I think people recognize the benefits of the proximity to train stations and see opportunities there," Jarrell said.

    The city said the mission is twofold: to improve the area and increase DART ridership for those commuting out of Plano and those riding transit into the city to get to work.

    "Plano is a significant jobs center," Jarrell said. "That's also a component in being able to increase our jobs base -- have people being able to get to and from work."

    The city is currently accepting bids for the redevelopment project.