Granbury Parent Explains Reasons for Choosing In-Person Learning

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Students in a handful of North Texas districts returned for in-person learning on Wednesday. One Granbury mom talked to NBC 5 about her choice to send her children back to school.  

Madison Ansley said the first day back at school in Granbury was a success.

“I feel positive that the school year is going to go really well,” she said.

Her daughters, one in first grade, the other in eight, posed for pictures this morning before heading out the door.

“I think we just tried to weigh the pros and the cons, and we asked them. I wanted them to be able to have some sort of input,” said Ansley. “I said are you comfortable going? Do you want to try online? Their first response was ‘mom you’re not a teacher.’”

Ansley said a lot of thought and discussion went into the decision. Parents were given a choice between in-person and virtual learning.

“For us, we really just prayed about it. We consulted our friends, teachers, my sisters who are teachers and primarily the school,” she said.

They also considered the number of COVID-19 cases in Hood County, which has reported less than 600 since the start of community spread.

Their daughters’ physical and mental wellbeing was top of mind as well.

“We undermine how much it impacts kids mentally when they’re home and they act out when they’re used to being at school and being able to express themselves at school in an environment socially,” said Ansley.

She said they will evaluate their decision periodically based on the number of cases. As for now, she’s comfortable and confident about her children being inside the classroom.

*Map locations are approximate, central locations for the city and are not meant to indicate where actual infected people live.

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