Arlington ISD Parent Check-in After Week One of Virtual Learning

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Arlington ISD just wrapped up week one of virtual learning. We checked in with a mother and her two kids to see how it went.

Amber Pena has two kids in the district. Nathan is a student at Adams Elementary and Brianna just started her first year at Sam Houston High School.

“It did start Monday, it was a challenge. It was very frustrating. Nathan’s schedule was all crazy, he was scheduled under the principal, or assistant principal, I don’t remember. So, we were going back and forth trying to email the teachers and get it situated,” said Amber Pena. “The teachers were very helpful. She did actually do a Zoom interview with myself and my son to show us exactly where to go, what to click on.”  

I think it would be helpful if they communicated like a week in advance where like everybody is on, everybody is logged in, everybody has their system situated, their schedule correct, what was very helpful was the one-on-one Zoom with the teacher and actually her showing me where to go, what to do. My daughter even said, you know what I think this is easy, I think I can do it, because the first day, she was like, I’m done. She wanted to quit.”  

Pena says Thursday was the first day her kids were able to get online and have a full day of uninterrupted virtual instruction.

Arlington ISD has not set a date yet for in-person classes to resume, however, when that happens, students who want to continue virtual learning can do so.

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