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The Kids' Taste Town featured countless activities and an indoor midway, complete with a bugee trampoline.
Among the many popular attractions was a zip line. Kids and adults, alike, took in a bird's eye view of the event as they glided from a tower.
Jack's Chowhound carved out prime real estate at the front of the row of dozens of food trucks.
Gandolfo's mobile deli brought a little piece of New York City to the Taste of Dallas.
While parents snacked and snapped photos from the sidelines, kids happily played in the petting zoo among a myriad of furry, four-legged friends.
The Blue Moon bar on wheels happily served patrons from inside the Automobile Building, where temps were cooler than 90 degrees and the drinks were even colder.
These Happy Dog Meals from Annie's Pooch Pops were a tail-wagging good time. Your pets are sure to thank you once they get their paws on these homemade, all-natural treats.
With hundreds of vendors and booths at the event, visitors were able to browse and sample goodies like these from Dutchess Chocolates until their hearts, and appetites, were content.
Jumping in a pool fully clothed has crossed many a Texan's mind, but Bubble Runners make it possible. No towel or change of clothes necessary. Bubble Runners make it possible to walk on water, er, run...
Martin Martinez of Cosmo Universal Art drew a crowd as he painted this unique piece of art without the use of a paintbrush. Martinez' graffiti art takes the shape of planets and galactic articles and can be done on just about any surface.
Just outside Kid's Taste Town, the Dallas Fire Department gave tours of the inside of the fire engine to some curious kiddos.
It was an all you can eat experience for most visitors to Taste of Dallas. With so many options, why not delight yourself in the most delectable dishes from some fantastic foodies?
The food was so good, one visitor took a risk and quickly stole a bite of her husband's food while his hands were full.
Many braved the lines to get their hands on what the Tin Star Taco Taxi had to offer.
For those 21 and older, the festivities began a little later in the afternoon. Adults enjoyed a little something extra to lift their spirits when they visited the beer and wine tasting that hosted dozens of vendors.
NBC 5's own Sara Story and Tammy Mutasa made an appearance at Taste of Dallas, signing autographs and chatting with KXAS fans.
Young and old flocked to the snow cone vendors in an attempt to cool off from the Texas heat.
Thousands attended the three day event, strolling from one vendor to the next along Fair Park's main promenade, International Boulevard.
As eager attendees made their way in and out of the event, they were met with this scenic picturesque view of the beloved 20-story ferris wheel.
Save the walking for inside the gates. Trams offered curbside service, shuttling visitors from the packed parking lots to the front door and then back again.
One attendee got up close and personal with a cute, pink piglet on display at the petting zoo.
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