Your Local Guide to the Royal Wedding

NBCDFW's Essential Guide to the Royal Wedding

We've collected where to watch, what to wear, and everything else you'll need for your local royal wedding bliss.

Set your alarm clocks, our local Royal Wedding coverage on TV (and here at starts at 3 a.m., Friday, April 29. The actual wedding start time is closer to 5 a.m., but with all the hoopla from across the ocean, you'll likely want to see the crowds and excitement, so start early.

Before the live coverage begins, though, you'll want to take a look at all our Royal Wedding coverage within our special section. Check out galleries of classic royal fashion, photos of past and present royals, plus the latest dispatches from our crews in London.

If that still feels too far away, don't fret -- we've got lots of locals engaged (pardon the pun) in Royal Wedding watching:

+ Our Sara Story caught up with a Denton florist headed over to the big day. Click here to find out why "being there" is so important.

+ Kim Fischer finds a local British shop with the scoop on Prince William's cake -- including how to make it at your own home. Click here for the yummy details.

+ Some local former brides are using the Royal Wedding as a reason to slim down. Andrew Tanielian gets the skinny (oh, geez. Pun alert) on fitting into their previous wedding fashions.

+ Speaking of wedding fashions, if you're the guest, finding a dress is still a challenge. Abby Gregory picks out some chic spring wedding fashions in this gallery.

+ Cozy Hotel St. Germain is also going into full-on wedding mode, with a wedding author meet and greet on Thursday followed by a stay-and-play overnight package including English breakfast during Friday's live TV coverage of the wedding.

+ Other locals are planning to make an event of the wedding -- in their pajamas. Kim Fischer talked to one group about their living room party plans.

+ In addition, our friends at The Feast have lined up a whole list of where to watch the Royal Wedding, where to brunch after the morning coverage, and even how local bridal shops are preparing for the big day. It's all in their unique wedding special page.

Dig into that content and let the Royal Wedding bliss wash over you in preperation for the big day. It's not every Friday you see a new princess.

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