Why Edie is Gone From Wisteria Lane

"Desperate Housewives" fans may or may not be wondering why the show's producers decided to kill off Nicollette Sheridan's character Edie Britt.

Sheridan tells TV Guide magazine she's ready to move on.

"When the show started it was such a different beast. It was exciting and dangerous and funny and edgy and bizarre," Sheridan said. "It started feeling a little complacent, and that was very frustrating."

Meanwhile creator Marc Cherry isn't mincing words about Edie's demise. Bottom line, it's all about the money. Cherry reports the network is putting pressure on all shows to cute costs and produce them more cheaply.

TV Guide magazine reports losing Sheridan means saving $100-200,000 per episode.

So will Sheridan be replaced, probably.

"We will find a new kind of sexiness coming through Wisteria Lane. What I won't do is cast another fortysomething sexy blonde," Cherry said. "Nicollette Sheridan performed the aging neighborhood tramp better than anyone has ever done before."

What the El!?! Editorial:

Ouch! It is true, Edie Britt has slept with everyone on Wisteria Lane, and she runs around in the skimpiest or most skin-tight clothes, and most of her scenes end with her pursing her lips. Like in the picture!

I have no idea what's going on between Marc and Nicollette but it definitely seems like there's bad blood or something.

Nicollette obviously blames Marc for her lot in life, while Marc makes no bones about how she's not a major player on the show.

I think if I were Nicollette I would have been worried when I never made it into the opening credits, If I'm not under the apple tree like Teri, Felicity, Eva and Marcia, then I'm concerned.

Call me crazy but we keep hearing about how it's cheaper to make reality TV shows because you don't have to pay writers or actors… if I were in the business and I heard this, I'd be worried.

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