What You're Doing Tonight

Metal Guitar Heroes, Cowboys charities, and a bunch of singing boys.

Guitar Hero fans know the name Dragonforce. They've got the hardest Guitar Hero song to play, "Through the Fire and Flames," and the band name sounds like a fantasy book series. But seriously, this is "extreme metal" that makes guitar solos sound like computer created keyboard riffs, it's that exact. Head out to the H.O.B at 6:00 pm to hear them.(More Info)

The Vienna Boys Choir has been used by such famous composers as Mozart and Salieri and like Menudo, once they hit puberty, they're out. Well, that's a bit of a stretch, but these treble and altos aren't rocking Barry White songs, that's for sure. They've got more than just chorale pieces in their performance at Bass Hall tonight at 7:30 pm. as they add poetry, dance, and visual arts to the mix. (More Info)

Kevin Burnett plays for the 'Boys, but he also plays blackjack at a charity event at Sullivan's Steakhouse tonight starting at 6:30 pm. To even get into the shindig, though, you'll need to know the right RSVP number: 972-267-9393 and talk to Shelly Kamer. Pony up your $75 (to benefit Burnett's literacy foundation) and you'll get steak, blackjack, and a live band headed by fellow Cowboy Marc Colombo. (More Info)

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