What You're Doing This Weekend

30 YEARS OF POLKA: Denton's Brave Combo can't win another Grammy (this year the academy dropped  the Polka category) but there is still cause for celebration -- they've been together for three decades. "It blows my mind that one day turned into a month and that turned into a year and then it's a decade and now it's been three," Brave Combo's Carl Finch told the Dallas Observer. "Sometimes I think Brave Combo is no longer a band—that we've become an institution. Not a legend, but like a building or a radio station." Celebrate this "institution" at their 9 p.m. Saturday show at Sons of Hermann Hall in Dallas.

GIVES YOU WINGS: We've recently succumb to a Red Bull habit that would make our physician cringe, but it gets the job done -- no doubt some of the athletes participating in the X-Fighters Texas competition feel the same way. The freestyle motocross will kick up the dirt at the Fort Worth Stockyards at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

PRETTY IN PINK: A few years ago, some of the NBCDFW staff headed out to the Glass Cactus to see The Molly Ringwalds play their '80s covers dressed up like Devo and Adam Ant. For literally days after the show, various cube conversations would lead back to the fact that everyone who went out to the show absolutely loved it. So, yeah, we think you should go. 8 p.m. Saturday at the Glass Cactus.

NEED A NEW HOUSE?: Realtors keep tell us it's a buyer's market, so it makes sense you'd have plenty of options to choose from in this massive open  house running on Sunday. Between 635 and Royal, Wisdom Realtors plans to have roughly 30 open houses for you to view. Even if you're not in the market to buy one of the listings, it might be fun to see what kind of decorative soaps they have, right?

 HOGS, CATS, AND TWINKIES: Though we've covered the cross-town rivalry between the Fort Worth Cats and Grand Prairie's AirHogs that will flare up again during this weekend's three game stretch, it's important to remember that Sunday's game at QuickTrip Park is part of "Family Sundays," which means $1 sodas and hot dogs -- even if you're only bringing a cheap date. If you decide to head to Saturday's game, though, you'll be part of the salute to the great and magic Twinkie -- a celebration in honor of Interstate Bakery Company's move from Kansas City to Dallas. Suddenly, surviving the apocalypse in DFW seems much easier...

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