Welcome to The Feast

Hello from The Feast HQ.

With this posting, The Feast is officially live live live! We've dropped "beta" from our logo, added a total of 29 destinations to our little collection of web properties, and moved onto the url thefeast.com. Whereas The Feast used to be four beta food sites in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami, The Feast is now 11 cities big and three categories wide: Eat, Shop and Play.

Our singular goal at The Feast—one we've plastered all over this thing, actually—is to lead you to the best places to Eat, Shop and Play in the city. Some of this comes via our listings and our editors' smart and snappy packaging-up of those listings. But, the city is really about the quintessential characters that inhabit the place. The chefs, designers, night owls and other assorted personalities that come together to define the voice of the city. We present them in features and video series like, Sin City, Mad Hatters and Rate My Bit, all of which you should (must, really!) go check out now.

There's also the Feast Rank, our meta-ratings machine. And, our main pages contain something we're calling the City Feed, which is a real time feed of content from The Feast and from key outside sources, too, such as essential blogs and Twitter streams. But wait, there's more—if your friends are on The Feast, you can filter search results by their preferences (and you'll start seeing them in the City Feed). We could go on, but it's best you just start clicking. Plus, it's time to turn the show over to your brave local editors.

Check us out and let us know what you think. Please direct any and all feedback to tips@thefeast.com. And, thanks for reading. —BL

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