UNT's New ESports Program Is Turning Students' Heads

The University of North Texas is gearing up for their first year with a varsity team devoted to eSports.

On Friday, NBC 5 got to check out their new gaming facility at the school and meet some of the players.

Zane Castillo, a senior at UNT, is one of around 40 students on the school’s varsity team.

“I always thought it was a possibility, but the reality of it is surreal,” Castillo said.

For some of the students, like Castillo, they are considering a job in eSports after graduating.

"Frisco and Dallas in general is such a hotspot for eSports right now… next to California I'd say it's the mecca for finding a job post grad," said Castillo,

Dylan Wray, the eSports coordinator at UNT, said there are many career opportunities in eSports besides just playing professionally.

Some of those include jobs in team management or even broadcast journalism.

“Just like in sports, you have people that do play-by-play and color commentary on the games themselves while they are broadcasted,” said Wray.

Castillo said he’s possibly thinking of a career in team management at the professional level.

“There’s opportunities in team management, player management, different organizations and leagues, high school and youth programs… the sky is the limit for what we could do,” he said.

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