Uncle Uber's Redefines the Sandwich

Uncle Uber's turns sandwiches to "sammiches"

Sandwiches are considered stale at Uncle Uber’s in Deep Ellum, so the restaurant will make you something else

At Uncle Uber’s, serving lunch takes on a new meaning.

“Well, we’re specializing in sandwiches, we’re calling them sammiches,”  said Uncle Uber’s owner Bryan Crelly. "Actually a friend found it on Urban Dictionary. We have the description here on the wall and we thought that’s kind of where we want to go with our food, use the best ingredients and the freshest stuff.

It's a redefinition of the sandwich that's really catching on.

“It’s going really good. It’s definitely got a great lunch business,” said Crelly.

Crelly’s wife came up with the name.

“The name ‘Uncle Uber’ is just sort of something that we just pulled out of the air. My wife just came up with the name uber because it means super good and we just kind of threw uncle on it thinking it would be that cool uncle that always had good food and cold drinks. I just figured in Deep Ellum that I would keep up with, something kind of retro and Americana type stuff, kind of stuff I enjoy,” said Crelly.

The design of the restaurant incorporates a retro theme.

“The culture is, we’ve done old comic book ads and stuff like that just trying to have fun and make the place kind of different than the normal fast casual places you go into.,” said Crelly.

There’s even a story behind the color.

“The yellow’s name was mac and cheese and that’s why we picked it. And the other was cherry-pickin’ red so we just picked the colors because they were food related,” said Crelly.

Whether it’s the roast beef, blackened fish or any of the other dishes on the menu, Uncle Uber’s is putting satisfaction back in the sandwich.

Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop
2713 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX
214- 653-8237

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