Turning Up the Volume on TV Recycling

The move to go digital television on June 12, 2009 has some people wondering what to do with those old TV sets.

People dressed as old televisions walked the streets of Dallas Monday to highlight the importance of TV recycling.

Texas Campaign for the Environment released its TV makers green report card, which grades the recycling programs of major television manufacturers.

More than half of the TV manufacturers received failing grades for their efforts to recycle old TV sets thrown out for the 2009 DTV switch.

"Please don't put your TV's on the curb," begs Jeffrey Jacoby of the Texas Campaign for the Environment. "These are some of the most toxic materials that are in consumer waste like lead, mercury and other chemicals."

Residents should check with their city for information on where to recycle old electronics such as TVs or check out Time to Recycle's web site which offers information city by city.

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