T.O. Not To Blame For Reeves Leaving Cowboys

I have not always been on the side of Terrell Owens and some of the many issues that surround him with the Cowboys.

But do not blame him for Dan Reeves for quitting the consultant job with the Dallas Cowboys he started on Sunday.

Reeves could not agree to terms of a contract, but it was not because he wanted T.O. off the team as some in the media tried to speculate.

I was told by a Cowboy staffer Reeves didn't want to be at Valley Ranch 24/7.  He wanted a looser and less defined role with the team. Owner Jerry Jones wanted to create a contract with all of Reeves' responsibilities spelled out to a tee.

Reeves has a home in Georgia and wanted to be able to spend time there as well as work at Valley Ranch, but more so on his time table than Jerry's. 

Reeves went in depth with Calvin Watkins of the Morning News.

Mac Engel of the Star-Telegram got Reeves speak on the record:

Star-Telegram: A perception exists that you didn’t want the 24/7 NFL workload; were you OK with that part of it?  

Dan Reeves: I’ve worked full-time, and I’ve been involved in this business for a long time. I was willing to do whatever it took to get this thing to where he wanted it to be. 

Star-Telegram: You had made some comments regarding the distraction element that exists with the Cowboys and by name you said Pacman Jones and Terrell Owens; did you have those types of conversations about the distractions that exists with the Cowboys?

Dan Reeves: I wasn’t there long enough to have those types of conversations. I think the Cowboys realize they have some distractions that keep them from being a team. Until they get a team to where everybody is on the same page it’s going to be a problem. I wasn’t there long enough to get into that.

It looks bad because Reeves quit after three days on the job and he couldn't come to terms on a deal.  The Cowboys have issues and they need somebody to help Jason Garrett coordinate the offense this year.  Reeves would have been a great person to help make Garrett better.

T.O. is an innocent bystander on this latest Valley Ranch issue.

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