The Spellings Are Screwed Up

Candy Spelling can't understand why there's no communication between her and her daughter, Tori.

Candy says Tori isn't responding to her attempts to reach out.

She says she loves her daughter and "would love to have her and her children and her husband" in her life.  She says she's "very sorry that they aren't."

Candy Spelling says she doesn't know "what started all this.

Tori just stopped speaking to everyone" in the immediate family: her father, Aaron Spelling, her brother Randy and her mom.

Her mom is hoping Tori will read her new memoir, "Stories from Candyland," to jog her memory about how good life was with her family.

What the El!?! Editorial:

Good grief, first it was Angelina Jolie and her dad, then Lindsay Lohan and her dad, now we have to watch this garbage play out? GIVE ME A BREAK.

Tons of people have issues with their parents, so GET OVER IT.

Tori said on the Today Show that Candy knows where she lives, has her phone number and her email address.

If this is so important to Candy, then she should haul her cookies over to Tori's house, park in front of the gate and refuse to leave until Tori talks to her.

Otherwise, I don't want to hear about it. Stop peddling your book by telling everyone about your families problems. Heck, that's probably why Tori won't answer the phone, because she sees through it all.

(Associated Press)

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