The Children's Place – Summer Clearance!

I've posted before about the great deals at The Children's Place...this one is huge!

This week, The Children's Place has marked down their summer clearance clothes to 99¢! WOW! I just stocked up last week at $1.99 so I was part thrilled/part disappointed to hear that they marked down even further. But no worries - I still have my receipt & with a 90-day return policy, I easily stocked up for 99¢ and will return the duplicates I purchased during a previous shopping trip.

I even found the cutest little denim hats for babies marked at 19¢!

You can check out the online version of the sale here.

I believe this sale is limited to the outlet stores (some are combo retail/outlet so make sure you ask!), you can check for your local listing here.  Your store may vary, so when I called ahead - I specifically asked if their summer items had been marked down to 99¢. Saves you the time & gas in case your store isn't participating.

Price check items you are interested in...many items are marked at $1.99 but they ring up at 99¢!

To make this sale even better...

(1) Use this 15% coupon


(2) Purchase $40 or more and earn a "$20 off $40 Purchase" coupon for a future date

I didn't get to post ALL the clothes I bought, but let me tell you...I bought 27 clothing items and paid a total of $23.12 (including tax)! 

That is a deal, folks!

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