Straight Talk With Tre

Dallas' favorite Top Chef dishes on family, celebs and buzz-worthy comebacks

Everyone’s buzzing about Tre Wilcox.

You know by now that Dallas’ fave Top Chef is the new Executive Chef at Plano’s Loft 610, and you may have even heard a little something about an upcoming concept to bear his famous name.

We sat down for a revealing Q&A with Wilcox yesterday, on the eve of his official restaurant comeback.  He talked celebrity clients and set the record straight on a thing or two:

Q:  What have you been up to since leaving Abacus in 2008?
A:  I stepped out.  I took advantage of the opportunities that came my way with Top Chef.  Life as a private chef was very good to me…I was able to experience something different every time I took on an event.

Q:  Who were some of your favorite clients?
A:  Russell Simmons was one of my favorites.  He came back for more. He’s vegan, so it was a challenge for me.

Q:  Are you nervous about your first day as Executive Chef at Loft 610?
A:  A little.  I think it would be a little odd if I wasn’t nervous, but it’s a good feeling. 

Q:  Your elimination has been described as one of the “most shocking” in Top Chef history.  Do you still think about it?
A:  Not so much.…every good chef has a bad day. You learn from those things and move on.

Q:  You’re known for being very fit.  How does this tie in to your life as a chef?
A:  Working out for me is [about] nourishing my body so it’s geared to take on what the restaurant puts you through. I’m 33 years old.  I’m not getting older, I’m getting more refined. I’ve got a young crew, but they know they’re not fixin’ to out-cook me!

Q:  Tell us about your family.
A:  Alexis is eight and Paige is 18. She’s in college.  She just sent me a text that she scored an 'A' on her first English exam.

Q:  Do you miss Paige since she left for school?
A:  No.  That part hasn’t kicked in yet. (Laughs.)  My wife and I are still enjoying it – we’re swinging from the chandeliers and doing whatever we want in any room.  It’s still pretty awesome right now…we’ll wait and see what happens in November.

Q:  What three words would you use to describe yourself?
A:  I think I’m a pretty driven person.  I’m self-driven.  I’m passionate about what I do, and I give a damn.  I don’t do this just for me; I give a damn about the people who are helping me do what I do.  A lot of people who work here with me know that. Maybe that’s not three.

Q:  Finally, can you clarify the plan for the upcoming new restaurant?
A:  Stepping back into the scene is like stepping under a magnifying glass.  First and foremost I’ve gotta kill it at Loft 610 before I do anything.

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