Stop Talking About the Cowboys ‘Window'

I get tired of hearing about the Cowboys approach to the 2016 NFL Draft should be about the club’s “window”. My twitter page gets loaded up with comments like that.

Or the whole take advantage of the “window” of quarterback Tony Romo argument for the justification of passing on a signal caller with the fourth overall pick.

4-12 teams don’t have a Super Bowl window.

Jason Garrett has coached the Cowboys for five full seasons and generated just one winning year.

That does not make a “window" friends.

Don’t give me the “If Romo and Dez are healthy” argument, either.

Tony Romo has produced an amazing career for an undrafted free agent. Let me say that again, he’s had an amazing career for a player every NFL club decided many times over he wasn’t worth drafting after winning the Walter Payton Award at Eastern Illinois. He’ll be 36-years-old this fall and recovering from another shoulder surgery. Window? The club hopes Romo can play 16 games for the first time since 2012.

The Cowboys have needs all over the place. Drafting a defensive end like Joey Bosa will not make Dallas a Super Bowl LI contender. To get this club into a true contending status like Carolina, Seattle or Arizona will take more than one draft and free agent signing period.

The blueprint has to be a longer term view. This may take two years to build a roster that is stocked for a long playoff run.

You can’t skip steps trying to build a true contender. That’s how you end up with the Greg Hardy’s and Randy Gregory’s of the world. I thought GM Jerry Jones learned his lesson when he was drafting quality and character guys on his offensive line. The last few years.

After a 12-4 season, too many moves were made for a 2015 Super Bowl “window”. You can’t skip steps. You have to build the club the right way. Jones went through this with Jimmy Johnson in the 1990s but forgets to stick with the plan anytime he gets a sniff off what he perceives is a contending club.

The Cowboys defense is not ready for a Super Bowl run. The front and the back have to improve dramatically to even talk about playing Super Sunday. Last year, Dallas was 25th in the league in sacks and 30th in picks. They can’t get to the quarterback or intercept him. Hard to beat the Cam Newtons and Aaron Rodgers of the world if you can’t put them on the ground or intercept their passes.

A better defense and a long term quarterback should be high priorities. They need a number two wide receiver since Terrance Williams and Devin Street have not stepped up to become difference makers. The Cowboys need better linebackers.

This club has holes-a-plenty and that is why I say the talk about a “window” is off based.

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