Stay and Play at NYLO in Plano

If you're planning a staycation or just a fun night out, NYLO in Plano could be just what you are looking for.

"It's a great place to hang out, especially for locals" says Jimmy White, the NYLO Hotel Loft Manager.

NYLO offers guests a cozy place to sleep, dinner, and a “club- like” atmosphere for drinking and dancing.
All the accommodations at NYLO are modeled after a loft style apartment building in New York City.

"We really patterned these accommodations after what you would see up in the meat packing district, up in those trendy neighborhoods in New York City"  said NYLO General Manager Jason Tyson.

So how does a North Texas hotel compare to the Big Apple?

"They did a pretty damn good job compared to the meat packing district because you have a very modern cool atmosphere" says Noah Gindi, a New Jersey resident, and frequent guest of the NYLO hotel.
Hotels in other big cities are known for being pricey, but at NYLO, everything in the room is included in the rate -- including those usually overpriced bottles of water. WiFi is free in each rooms' home office and a moveable flat screen TV lets you will keep from missing any of your favorite shows.

But the key feature? All of the rooms have king size beds that were specially designed for NYLO.

"This is our number one compliment, actually, in the hotel -- the quality of sleep our guests receive on these beds" says Tyson.
Need a bite with some extra flare? The dinner menu at the hotel restaurant is specifically designed to have colorful dishes with a lot of flavor.

"One of our signature dishes that we do here, it's a marinated lamb and we are serving it with a saffron risotto and French green beans" says head chef Jimmy Villarreal. The lamb is marinated for 24 hours, cooked slowly to preserve flavor, and topped with a three berry port wine sauce.

The bar at NYLO also includes color. Two of the signature cocktails served are the NYLO-Tini or Cougar Bait. Both include a mixture of liquor and fruit juices.
The bar area is filled with trendy décor and live music.

“My favorite thing about this bar is the ambiance" says Gindi, "I think that everyone that comes here is looking for the same thing, they are looking for comfort away from home, but they are still looking for coolness away from home."

NYLO Plano at Legacy
8201 Preston Rd.
Plano, TX 75024

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