‘Skinny Bitch’ Gets (More) Healthy

Author Kim Barnouin clinks glasses with reformed 'Bitches' at The Joule

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Kim Barnouin

Okay, ladies. Help me out here. Maybe you used to subsist on a steady diet of pizza and food easily eaten while driving. Maybe you discovered how much energy you found in meals cooked at home during the recession pinch; maybe you even became a fan of broccoli when doused with enough soy sauce.

But could you possibly be already scaling the aisles for organic wine and, for that matter, vegan birth control? Kim Barnouin, co-author of the Skinny Bitch books and annoyingly svelte leg-lifter in the fitness video series of the same name, is branching out on the Web with Healthy Bitch Daily, "the loose-lipped guide for the woman who gives a damn." Because you can openly loathe workouts, require diamonds and care about preventing environmental devastation, dammit!

We sent Kim a few questions in advance of her visit to The Joule today for book signing and vegan treat extravagaza from 6 to 8PM.

AT: Skinny Bitch turned into a Healthy Bitch with this new project. What happened?

KB: I started on the path to nutrition and health with Skinny Bitch about 8 years ago, and since then I have heard from thousands of women who have shared their incredible health stories with me and told me what topics were important to them. I wanted to take the foundation of Skinny Bitch and expand it to reach even more women with topics that touched every aspect of their life including food, health, fitness, beauty, home, spiritual, money, entertainment, and social and health causes wrapped up with a lot of humor, love, and support.

AT: The Bitch is still a Bitch, though, we see, after the bun has come out of the oven and the DVDs have worked off the baby fat. Is she any gentler these days?

KB: Yes, the Bitch got a little softer! I think women got the message loud and clear with Skinny Bitch, and now that I have their attention I want to continue to be that honest, say-it-like-it-is resource but doing it with humor and support, to make this healthy lifestyle journey fun and interesting. I want Healthy Bitch Daily to be a women’s go-to guide. Women have so many questions about adopting a healthier life and continuing along the path after reading Skinny Bitch and I want to be one of the ways for them to get answers.

AT: How does one go from "veggies via pizza" to composting homegrown tomatoes? Do you think your readers have grown fast enough to keep up? If so, what have you seen to support this?

KB: It takes time, knowledge, and support, and I tell so many women this very often, it takes time to change your old ways of eating and living, you shouldn’t feel like you have to jump into a brand new life in 2 days! What works is starting off with a few simple changes in your diet over a period of time. The information on HealthyBitchDaily.com is a variety of topics for women who are either just starting to learn about living a healthier life and for those who are on the path already. I love getting feedback about topics we talk about, it has all been very positive and supportive which shows me that women are ready for this kind of website and the information we are bringing to them. I take that feedback and use it to write more articles based on what women ask for. I am following my heart, doing what I love and I just want to make a little difference in the lives of women, and by the support I have received so far for what I am doing, it is more than enough to keep me on this path.

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