S.H.O.P Denton Boosts Economy

Campaign urges shoppers to spend money locally

A North Texas city wants to boost its budget by staying local.

The city of Denton is asking residents to shop locally with a campaign that points out the importance of mom-and-pop shops -- S.H.O.P Denton, which stands for Shop Here on Purpose.

"Shopping locally helps us help ourselves. We want Denton residents to be aware of that so we feel like this campaign helps us do that," said S.H.O.P Denton organizer Kara Roberson.

The city says shoppers shouldn't be confused by what shopping locally means. Shopping locally doesn't necessarily mean handmade or locally crafted goods. It just means making the decision to come and shop in Denton.

"It keeps us alive. If people don't shop downtown, then we can't stay here. We can't be here," said Garden Gate owner Traci Davis.

"It promotes local economy, and it keeps everyone going," said an antique store employee Sher Smith.

The S.H.O.P Denton campaign is about helping local businesses, but that's not all. Roberson said sales tax revenue supports city services such as the library and police department.

"We are really using that money to benefit the community again," said Roberson.

The city claims that 6 cents of every dollar spent at a big-box retailer such as Walmart or Target and 20 cents of every dollar spent at a chain store goes back into the community. However, 60 cents of every dollar spent at a mom-and-pop shop is recirculated into the community.

"They are benefiting the local community more because they are able to put that dollar back in the community, whether it be through a nonprofit or schools," said Roberson.

"If people shop here, I can bring in more local artists. I have three or four in the store now," said Davis.

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