Rare Marilyn Monroe Images Auctioned in Dallas


Before she was Marilyn Monroe she was Norma Jean and nine rare photos are being auctioned by the family of a famed Hollywood photographer.

Richard C. Miller's daughters are offering the limited edition prints through Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

The photos of a red-haired teenage Norma Jean were taken during several sessions in various locations in March and April 1946. The rare photographs include Norma Jean wearing a red swimsuit frolicking in the surf, smiling at the camera as she floats on her back in a pool of water, and dipping her toe in the pool.

Miller photographed a blond Marilyn Monroe in 1958 wearing a revealing sequin dress on the set of "Some Like It Hot."

"(Richard) spoke often of photographing Marilyn," said Miller's daughter Jan in a news release about the auction. "He had done it all through her career, from those early days when she was just a new young model from the Blue Book Model Agency until her last movie. We reveled in his stories about working on Some Like It Hot, which turned out to be probably her best film and a classic comedy."

Most of the photographers who took pictures of Monroe made coffee table books of their images, Miller never did. Her died in 2010 at the age of 98.

Bidding on most of the photos printed and signed by Miller started at $1,250, the auction ends July 29.

Photos from Miller also includes images of James Dean and Liz Taylor on the set of the movie "Giant."

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