Put a Face on Your Costume Using Drugstore Makeup

Think your Halloween look is complete now that a costume, shoes, and appropriate headwear have been secured? That's only half the fun. Turn that costume into a character using drugstore makeup you'll wear again.

SULTRY SIXTIES: Lana Horochowski of the Mad Men makeup room reminds the discerning Joan Holloway (and her contemporaries) on the show's Web page that Revlon's full matte lipstick line was au courant in Camelot. Invent ads for your favorite shade -- Belle Jolie-style -- in the aisles of Target or Walgreens.

ANIME EYES: To get wide, glistening Ninja Scroll peepers or play up a classic Raggedy Ann face, we direct you to a tutorial by regular gal UnlimitedElizabeth. The secret ingredient? White eyeliner on your "waterline", or the trench just under your lower lash line. Walgreens carries Wet 'n Wild's Kold Kajal eyeliner in White for only 99 cents.

ARCH DETAIL: Your chosen character's brow color may seem trivial in the big picture, but a match is essential for suspending disbelief. Strong, dark eyebrows are no less important to a well-conceived Gwen Stefani, for instance, than a platinum wig. Sonia Kashuk offers the Brow Kit Arch Alert Palette, $9.99, complete with angled brush and mix-friendly colors to engineer spot-on color.  

FLUTTER LIKE A BEE: Add glam intensity to an already vamped-up Lily Munster or Tina Turner eye with Ardell Wild Lash Eye Lashes in Sparkles, $3. They're reusable for efficient filing away in the drawer labeled "disco night." Find 'em at Sally Beauty Supply, which is like a drugstore sans the boring junk.

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