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Postal Service Looking to Expand in Allen

In Allen, the U.S. Postal Service says it has out-grown its current post office. This week, USPS told the city council it is looking to expand operations in the city with either a new facility or an annex to help ease operations inefficiencies.

The current post office on West Boyd Drive sees a steady stream of traffic.

“Sometimes you have to circle,” said Jessalea Anschutz. “People are parked along the side road people park over there and walk.”

“It’s obvious that the facility is extremely space deficient and does not allow for efficiency of the operation or convenience to the customer,” Sandra Rybicki, USPS Real Estate Specialist, told the Allen City Council on October 9.

The postal service is considering two options, said Rybicki.

The first would relocate the Allen main post office from West Boyd Drive to a new, 26,000 square foot facility. USPS says it has not yet acquired the land, but would prefer the new facility be located between US 75 and Greenville, south of Exchange Parkway and north of Bethany Drive.

The second option would keep the current Allen main post office to serve customers, but open a smaller annex to help distribute mail.

“Anything that makes it easier on me, as a person that uses it, great,” said customer Curley Green.

Customer Karen Lanigan agrees.

“As our town grows, it’s the same little post office that’s been here since the beginning of time,” said Lanigan.

The USPS is asking for customer feedback through November 8 before moving forward with building plans.

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