Popular Presents for Your Pet Pals

With Christmas is just 12 days away, many people are shopping not only for the people on their list but also for their four-legged friends.

"You wouldn't forget your grandma at Christmas. You're not going to forget your dog. People tend to spend a lot of money on their pets because they care about them," said Chris Watts, owner of The Petropolitan in downtown Dallas.

His store caters to those who bark and purr, and he shares some of his profits with charities. He carries many locally made products, including ready-made dog sweaters, jackets and collars and custom outfits.

A hot gift this year is the Jolly Egg. Your dog can chew it or chase it, and you won't ever have to buy him a new one.

"If you've got a dog that can destroy anything, this is the one thing they can't," said Watts.

Also new are the Dogsavers with treat stations and Sammy Snacks for pets and their humans to share.

Most cats like toys such as a bobbing Santa hat and a rubber light bulb you can fill with treats. A day at the pet spa can pamper both felines and canines.

Other pet stores also carry new things for pets. Some of the popular items include a pup-sized Snuggie as well as advanced cat and dog toilet systems.

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