Basement Party Inside PM Nightlife Lounge

There’s a mystique wrapped around PM Nightlife Lounge like a cocoon. It flutters about the nightly scene even now, six months after it opened. And recent openings of over-hyped, over-the-top clubs pushing their way onto Main Street haven’t affected PM’s flow.

Perhaps in part because partners Rob Daily and Todd Fiscus, with help from provocative designer Douglas Little, created an intimate space unlike any other in Dallas.Captious scensters and celebs have taken notice -- partying anonymously in its subterranean surroundings.

There’s only a hard door when it’s a private soirée or the basement is full. And despite what you may have heard, it’s not a members only club.

"If you have some time, give us some notice and we’re happy to work you in,” says Fiscus.

We recommend "working your way in" on one of the following nights...
1/2 priced bottles of wine all night.
DJ Paul Paredes and Jeff Mitchell supply beats.
Burlesque night.
Local celebrity night featuring either a notable local or supa star DJ.

The decadent details don’t stop with the entertainment and décor. Nightly nibbles provided by Charlie Palmer are offered to compliment delightful cocktails such as The Bog. It’s PM's  version of a Cosmopolitan -- vodka up covered in cranberry foam that slowly dissipates as you sip it.

Here’s a list of some of their other drinks. Pinky’s Up!

The Jewel: Calvados Busnell, agave nectar, pear puree, and Champagne garnished with rock candy.
Verbena Lemon Drop: muddled verbena and lemon with Belvedere vodka
Tootsie: Absolut Kurant mixed with Kahlua, fresh orange and star anise club soda
PM Pimlico: Knob Creek bourbon, fresh orange, lime, cane sugar muddled with mint
Cactus Cocktail: Patron Reposado tequila, Gran Marnier, fresh lime, simple syrup, and cucumber, topped with red pepper slices

Let us hook you up! Call PM Lounge's Nightlife Coordinator, Maria Booth at 214.261.4501 and mention NBC 5's Around Town  to get on the list.

PM Nightlife Lounge
1530 Main

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