Mary Kay Pink Going Green

Mary Kay to plant up to 100,000 trees through recycling program.

If  you or anyone you know wears make-up, chances are at some point in time, it's been from Mary Kay.

With close to 2 million people in its sales force alone it's hard not to be familiar with the brand and its signature pink packaging.
But the Dallas-based company that is known for its fondness of pink also likes things a little green.

At the Mary Kay distribution center in Carrollton, they're moving thousands of boxes a day, which means moving a lot of products. But instead of just letting expired product cases end up in the trash, Mary Kay is leading the way with it's pink doing green program.

Consultants and customers are encouraged to recycle compacts.

"We decided to engage in a compact recycling program,"  said Crayton Webb with Mary Kay. "We asked all of our independent sales force members to bring back their previous pink and platinum compacts, and for every compact we got back, we pledged to plant a tree, up to 100,000 trees."

The most recent initiative is using an innovative form of packing material called bio-peanuts, packing peanuts made out of corn and potato starch.

The packing peanuts are so environmentally friendly that they dissolve in water.

"We feel that protecting the environment and also protecting our product, as best we can is the driver for making the decision to go with this product," said Miller.

Mary Kay also offers premiere parking for its employees who carpool and incentives for those who want to use DART.

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