Patients Rave Over 10-Minute Procedure That Cures Allergy Woes


Some North Texans are finding instant allergy relief in a quick, relatively inexpensive office procedure.

Study after study has shown that people who battle bad allergies have serious quality-of-life issues. The constant congestion, post nasal drip and other symptoms lead to fatigue and other nagging problems.

Turbinate coblation is a 10-minute procedure that utilizes radio frequencies to shrink turbinates along the nasal wall.

Engineer David Fisher said that the procedure led to a "night and day" difference in his life. His chronic allergies didn't respond to prescription or over-the-counter remedies.

A friend told Fisher about the Snoring Center's Dr. Craig Schwimmer and his turbinate coblation procedure. After deciding to spend $1,500 on the procedure, Fisher spent a total of 45 minutes at the Snoring Center and walked outwith shrunken turbinates, clear nasal passages and a desire to tell anyone with bad nasal allergy symptoms about turbinate coblation.

"I'm definitely an advocate," he said.

Shrinking turbinates as a way to clear breathing through the nose has been done for years, but it always required general anesthesia and incisions.

Turbinate coblation is done in the office in minutes and allows the patient to return to work immediately.

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